Monday, December 22, 2008


Cracklin' Rosie get on board...

Neil Diamond came to town and it was kind of an awesome, although he didn't look quite as good as he did in the above picture.

Forever in blue jeans, babe.

That's more like it. So, I went with my parents and my sister and about 10,000 old ladies to his concert. I discovered that it's actually kind of nice to go to a concert with a lot of old people because they don't/can't stand the whole time, which means I don't have to either. The elderly weren't the only denomination represented though. There was one guy dressed up as Santa. I also ran into a group of drunk women as they stormed the john. One of them farted very loudly in her stall and said, "That, girls, is what happens when you share a bathroom with me."
The concert was pretty good. Neil was in good voice, and he didn't disappoint in the sequins department. I did notice that he likes to point at the ceiling and do a squish face at the end of every song.

Hot August Night...

After he was done pointing, he would hunch over, apparently overpowered by his emotions, as the lights behind him created a dramatic silhouette.

Love on the rocks

I got a bit of a Vegas overload during the big America finale, when footage of a soaring bald eagle and a waving American flag was super-imposed over Neil pointing at the ceiling again on the big screen. Because Neil Diamond IS America. And the Brother Love number made me feel like I was at some Evangelical convention.

Pack up the babies...

Despite the shmaltz, or maybe because of it, I enjoyed the concert a lot. And no one spilled any beer on me.