Friday, September 19, 2008

Senior Pictures

So my mother set up an appointment to get me some senior pictures. I made her do it now so my glorious tan could be documented for the ages. Now, I have to admit that I'm not the most natural of photo subjects. Most of my school pictures are a unflattering combination of "just been tranquilized" eyes and "Someone has a knife to my back" smiles. So I was a little uncomfortable posing for these pictures. I was also worried that my posterity would look at them and say "WE DESCENDED FROM THAT?"
The photographer man was nice enough. The poses weren't that bad, although one of them made me feel like a cross between Miss America and Long John Silver. Picture that.
So, half an hour and one outfit change later, I was finished. This was my mother's favorite:

And this is me melting:

And this is me stuck in a cosmic whirlpool:


Hayley said...

In a few years you're gonna look older. Profound? Yeah, I know.

You are a great writer. You should get more lame jobs just to entertain us with your witty banter.

Haught Fudge said...

I like your pictures.

Anna said...

How in the freakin' world did you get so damn funny???? Love that you have a log.... love that you haven't blocked me from seeing it yet!!!

now I'm gonna go type those squished together letters to post this comment... wish me luck. I don't want to have to bring in the handicapped man!