Friday, March 6, 2009

A slight misunderstanding...

I received a package from the good people at Gillette the other day. On the outside of the box it said things like YOUR GAMEFACE NEEDS A NEW RAZOR and YOU'RE 18. YOU'VE GOT GAME. AND NOW YOU'VE GOT A FREE RAZOR. Inside, just as promised, was a free razor, along with some other masculine hygiene products. Which are different than feminine hygiene products, as it turns out.

I'm not complaining (those razors are sweet), but I do run into this issue frequently. Most of my mail is addressed to a Mr. Drew Duncan. The army always sends me two of everything, one for Ms. Mercedes Duncan and one for Mr. Drew Duncan. Dang it, I thought that only my parents and I knew about my hunchbacked twin brother!

Drew! Leave the Schwan's man alone!

I'm fine with it, though. As long as I keep getting free stuff.


Gavin said...

Drew. I love you so so so much. I really do. Please lets hang out soon. You are one of my most favorite people ever. Blog more. It makes me happy.

Hayley said...

you do have a hunchbacked brother. His name is Caitlin.