Thursday, July 26, 2012

More London

Blammo, one week left. Things happen quickly.

Some of us went on a two day trip to Oxford the other week. We stopped on the way to visit the house of William Morris, 19th century artist/writer/socialist, but discovered that the house actually belonged to William Morris, 20th century automobile mogul/philanthropist. All the English people laughed cruelly at our mistake and I accidentally punched some stinging nettle. The trip improved greatly after that, however, and I once again ate an entire block of cheese.

We saw Batman and it was dumb. Our lives have been greatly brightened by everyone's Bane impressions, though.

The Olympics are starting and I am currently in my second hour of europop being blasted from across the street in the Russia camp. We saw a Russian athlete the other day, but he wasn't very muscley so we figured he was a shooter or something equally unimportant. We also went to watch the torch go by and it was truly a jolly occasion.

We missed the bus.


Best friends forever.

Olympic butts


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James Lambert said...

The Olympics opening exercises (which has been my name of choice to the chagrin of all the Swensons I watched it with) was much better than the third Batman movie. I should be in London at the moment (I was an "alternate" for an NEH grant to go inspect the early book trade in Antwerp and London), but I am not, and this post made me melancholy, which makes me think that I am in London anyway. I have a good friend and mentor who lives in Stratford--she is a Shakespeare performance scholar--who knows all the RSC actors. If I would have known ahead of time that you all would be there, I would have informed her to be a guest speaker after you all had seen a play. She wrote the book on RSC productions. For another time . . .

It was nice to see two of your sisters a week ago.